What is AER Scholarship?

Army Emergency Relief (AER) offers to provide loan which is free interest and fees for Service Member and family member. Recently, AER also offers a scholarship. AER scholarship has been offered for army’s family member, spouse and children. AER scholarship for spouse is one of program that available in this scholarship. This scholarship is known as Spouse Education Assistance Program. This program is established for Spouse of Army Soldiers in continuing their study in the undergraduate degree. To make it continual, the applicant have to renewal the requirement every year. Moreover, the applicant also have to get full time study of four academic years.

In Spouse Education Assistance Program, the AER scholarship winners will be awarded range from $500 to $1,900. For the submission of AER scholarship2017-2018, it will be accepted until 1st April 2017. To get an application, you can go to Army Emergency Relief and get log in. For you who are new applicants, you can get new account and then complete the application. Then, if you ever applied before you can AER scholarship login by using your previous account. If you do not remember about your password account, you can directly contact Army Emergency Relief by clicking Contact Us. After that, you have to click scholarship and then complete the AER scholarship application.

Then, AER scholarship for Dependent or a scholarship for children has same requirement as Spouse Education Assistance Program. This scholarship is usually called as MG James Ursano Program. For submission, it has been started from 17th January 2017 and will be ended on 1st April 2017. For the winners will be awarded from $500 to $2,900. This might be a chance for you who want to get scholarship from AER student scholarship.

On the other hand, AER also provides scholarship for disabilities students. AER Ferrell scholarshipfund is a way to help blind or visually impaired students to get their proper education. This scholarship will help blind or visually impaired students in preparing their career and even get rehabilitation for them. This scholarship is required for children and adults. BAER scholarship will be covered from all part of education which ranged from G.E.D to Ph.DThe Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation. This foundation of Sidney BAER Scholarship takes a role in supporting the education, research and direct care to mental health issue. For the further more information, you can check on Baer Reintegration Scholarship since the period has been started.

However, for AER Lingus Pilot scholarship and AER Army scholarship has not been released yet in this year. There might be some regulation that can be taken if you are accepted in Pilot or Army. However, the information has not been confirmed yet. Since it still the first year, the possibility of other scholarships from AER is possible. To make it more official, you can check on AER official website and check for scholarship column. Then, you will get every information about scholarship available in AER scholarship. Do your best and work hard! Read more scholarshipstatus.com