Guide to American Dream Scholarship

We are familiar with the words ‘American Dream’. Every immigrants who come to America wants to fulfill the American Dream. As we know that American Dream is a powerful idea. It gives the opportunity, an impression of the freedom, succeed, prosperity, the benefits and also privileges of living in the USA. It is no surprise if there is a scholarship program named American Dream Scholarship. There are a number of established scholarship programs in many universities and colleges. The scholarship designed to help many young people get a better education that they want and achieve many great things. TheAmerican Dream scholarship application always come every year by both American citizen and foreign students. The scholarship is for American citizens who in financial problems and they want to go to college, others for foreign students who want to study in US. Below are some scholarship programs in America higher education named for the American Dream.

  1. Sallie Mae Fund American Dream Scholarship

For over a decade, Sallie Mae Fund has been helping many American students from all kinds of backgrounds to get a college education. Until now, the fund have made a great contribution of more than $130 million in scholarships and programs. They also make campaign to raise awareness about how important education is. This foundation is working with a lot of organizations that focus on offering scholarship programs to high school graduate that need financial support from minority backgrounds. They also work with the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) to support African-American students. The scholarship can give funding for the qualified and accepted student between $500 and $5,000. Those who are qualified to apply are African-American students undergraduate basis at a qualified accepted with a GPA of more than 2.5. They have to be a student which registered on a full time course of study on an undergraduate school. The student must be US citizens or permanent resident to apply this scholarship.

  1. American Dream Scholarship MDC

Miami Dade College American Dream Scholarship is a special program designed to help the student in the local area. They offer the chance of a college education from students who graduate from a high school in Miami Dade County, Florida as well as being as resident in Miami Dade. Others American Dream scholarship requirements are the students must have a GPA more than 3.0 and get the minimum course placement scores. They should submit the FAFSA form. It is an application for federal financial aid for college students. But they don’t have to meet the criteria for FAFSA form to be qualified for this scholarship from MDC. This American Dream scholarship program only covers the education that are undertaken in Florida state. And it is also covers the tuition fees. Others fee such as federal aid should be taken into account. Miami Dade American Dream scholarship has high value and ease qualification for whoever live in the Florida state. If you get this scholarship means you receive a generous award so you only allows to access higher education close to your home. Read more about