Abigail Adams Scholarship; A Scholarship for Student in Massachusetts

Abigail Adams ScholarshipIn every country might have some different regulation on the educational system, right? So, it trigger scholarship system might be different too. For you who are Massachusetts student, you can search for some scholarship that may help you in tuition. Abigail Adams scholarship can be an option. John Abigail Adams scholarship is a scholarship for Massachusetts student in getting tuition waiver up to 8 semester. This scholarship is required for undergraduate education in the State University in Massachusetts.

Abigail Adams scholarship qualifications are divided into two types which are for class of 2015 student and class of 2016 student. For class of 2015, the requirement includes to the student have scores of Advanced and Proficient when they are on grade 10 MCAS test in ELA (English Language Art) and Mathematics. Then, the applicator might have combined score of MCAS ELA and Mathematics that place them as the top 25 percent of students in their district as well as this requirement also will be required for class of 2016 student. On the other hand, Abigail Adams scholarship requirement for class 2016 student have to score at advanced performance level in ELA, Mathematics, or STE (such as Technology/Engineering, Biology, Introductory Physics, or Chemistry) which is on one of three high school state assessment. Then, the class of 2016 student who want to get this scholarship have to get score for Proficient level or higher on two high school assessment test.

In simple words, Abigail Adams scholarship recipients are from high school student who want to get tuition waiver in continuing their study in Massachusetts State University. The requirement base on the score of student along their study in high school. To receive this scholarship, the student also must be enrolled in a Massachusetts public high school and continue to Massachusetts State University. For Abigail Adams scholarship notifications as if you are qualify for this scholarship will be given through award letters.

However, there is also a requirement for all students. The Abigail Adams scholarship Umass’ applicants have to be a permanent legal resident of Massachusetts at least one year. Second, there is also a chance for United State citizens or even for non-citizens who live and work permanently in United States. Third, for you who will be graduated from Massachusetts public college school this scholarship is possible for you. Fourth, if you have been accepted at Massachusetts University or Public College you may also apply this scholarship. For continue receiving Abigail Adams scholarship Umass Lowell, you have to be enrolled full time for your study in institution and you have to maintain your GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.00.

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For Abigail Adams scholarship amount, it will be only covered your tuition which is not include to your room and board or fees. So far, Abigail Adams scholarship winners 2017 has been announced. They are from Bellingham (7 winners), Blackstone (10 winners), Douglas (4 winners), Grafton (3 winners), and Hopedale (1 winner). So, you may also join the Abigail Adams scholarship Umass Boston and who knows you are the lucky one.